Cablaggi Sanmitsu represents a new phase on the wire harness industry. The fifteen years’ worth of experience of both partners combined with a highly selected team of employees result in innovative and technological custom made products. Cablaggi Sanmitsu main goal is to attend market demand of white, automotive and industrial goods making the costumer´s needs its own and providing solutions at a fair balanced expense.

Among the equipment operating on our plant there are the fully automatic crimping Schaefer Megomat machines. Moreover in order to serve our clients custom made needs Cablaggi Sanmitsu still maintains a manual production line and makes use of several important tools, such as taping machines of the German company Ondal and of the American company Start International, to assure equality of every portion produced.

All wire harnesses produced in Cablaggi Sanmitsu go through a detailed quality check in which 100% of final products are tested. The plant´s Lab has a micrograph system that analyses the perfect crimp of each piece and a microscope that enhances wires 45 times facilitating the inspection process. Focusing on constant improvement Cablaggi Sanmitsu also offer its engineer team a Sample Room with every model that each of our wires will be used on.

Cablaggi Sanmitsu has found its place in the wire harness industry for it has a plant with not only space to grow but great equipment, good relationship with its suppliers and both qualified and motivated team driven to find the best solution for our client´s custom made needs.   


The company represents an alliance of two distinctive talents of old friends; one for administration and the other for negotiation. To symbolize this union they decided to mingle their Italian and Japanese routs in the company´s name; Cablaggi comes from the Italian “wire” and Sanmitsu is a combination of Japanese words with mystical meaning that represents a warrior and its strength in the business world.

The partnership worked. When it started, in 2003, Cablaggi Sanmitsu had only 40 employees and today has over 120 workers split into two shifts. The 300% increase on the work force reflects great performance of the company in the Brazilian market and more recently in the international scenario.


Cablaggi Sanmitsu | Avenida Getúlio Vargas, nº 930 - Bloco 1        São Roque - SP - Brazil - 18130-430 - Fone: 55 (11) 4784-8420