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Cablaggi Sanmitsu products are in 28 of 50 most sold cars in Brazil in 2010 according to the National Federation of Brazilian Auto Motors Vehicles (Federação Nacional da Distribuição de Veículos Automotores – Fenabrave) and in 70% of the models presented on the same list.


The company works in partnership with the automotive industry to fulfill every requirement of this sector. Our difference lies in how we do business, esteeming for high quality at affordable prices when developing tools or searching for new equipment inside or outside Brazil.


Cablaggi Sanmitsu wire harnesses come out of the manufactures and roll Brazilian and foreigner roads in lanterns, tail lights, break lights, horns, defoggers, air conditioners and trunk lights.


Cablaggi Sanmitsu | Avenida Getúlio Vargas, nº 930 - Bloco 1        São Roque - SP - Brazil - 18130-430 - Fone: 55 (11) 4784-8420